Tarot readings

The royal road to wisdom is the way of the Tarot. An old and mystic path that embodies all aspects of the human experience. The Tarot is most commonly used in the art of divination for personal reflection and guidance. Although its exact origin is somewhat unknown a few suspect that the knowledge of the mysteries included in the deck stem from India by way of Arabia, Syria, and Egypt. Later in time these teachings were adopted by Europeans and further developed into the cards we have today. One of the most commonly used Tarot is the Rider Waite deck, which came about in 1910. Arthur Rider Waite was an initiate of the occult - Order of the Golden Dawn, as was Aleister Crowely who developed another popular version of the deck called the Throth Tarot. To learn more more about the Tarot you can visit my teacher Sage Sansone’s website . http://www.sagesansone.com/what-is-tarot.html

With 7 years of Tarot study, along with my background in Jungian psychology, archetypal story analysis, and a variety of health and healing modalities, I offer readings and guidance by way of the classical Rider Waite deck.

I am currently giving readings 3 days a week at Trident Booksellers and Cafe in Boulder, CO. Clicking ‘Book an Appointment’ will send you to my schedule at Trident.

I also schedule private and long distance readings. Inquire through ‘Book A Consult’.


soul coaching

Together we will dive into what’s beneath the surface to shed light on what’s ready to be revealed for healing. Unearthing your wisdom from the darkness is uncomfortable and hard to do alone. The uncharted territory of soul and subconscious is what we’ll explore together. Exploring the condition of our condition with compassion and acknowledgement is key. Everything we find is relevant and deserves to be honored with reverence and gratitude.

I am offering assistance, guidance, and presence for your individual process of healing. Each human has their own potential to be their own healer and guide - and my job is to help you access that or what I call your soul instruction.

Through mindfulness techniques, depth psychology ie. active imagination, dream work, personally designed Ceremony, Prayer, and deep listening I will work with you to uncover your truth and inner wisdom - to support you finding your way and actualizing the change you need to make.

All this is to say - I am here to help you come to know a wider, and more connected sense of self.


Embodiment sessions


In my experience and learning I have found one of the best ways to integrate the lessons and gifts harvested from traumatic experiences is to return to the wisdom of being in the body. Being embodied serves our ability to access the fullness of ourselves. By fullness I mean the prowess and clarity of mind, the empathy and compassion of the heart, and the joy and freedom of our spirit. Being able to access the entirety our psyche (or True Self) gives us the opportunity to make choices with our time and energy that serve to benefit what is most important to us.

Through the somatic awareness of deep listening, breathing, sensing, and movement I will help you gain access to the wisdom of your body. The body holds the senses that provide our brain information through our nervous system. Coming into contact with those senses, verses the story our mind makes up about the world, can give you the ability to change the way you perceive and navigate your life. Being in the body is key to becoming present with what’s actually happening around and within you.


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