verb, Kin-tal-a : to be in equanimity

noun, Tal-is-man: a sacred object, amulet, or charm that has the power to influence a human’s feelings and actions



Kintala is a jewelry line that is made to bring you into balance with the magic and unseen forces that guide. Each Kintala collection of talismans invokes different qualities and elements of being. These collections include : The 5 Elements, The Psyche (True Self), and Animal Totems.

Talismans serve as a physical reminder of the intentions or forces of life we want to invoke into our daily life. Talismans are an invitation to connect with the protective, creative, strengthening forces of the universe or greater life we are apart of. What makes talismans sacred is the way we care for them and the way we bring their meaning into action.



There are 3 collections of Talismans:

The 5 Elements : Invoking Earth, Air, Water, Fire, and Ether

The Psyche : Invoking the capacities of our Body, Mind, Spirit, Heart, and Soul

Animal Totems: Invoking the teachings of the Puma and Serpent



I design custom Talismans for individuals and businesses to support the symbology of their message in the form of jewelry.

Thunderbird and Feather for Mike Aidala

Above as Below, Inner Compass, and Higher Calling for Kris Davidson