Finding the embodied symbol and visual for your purpose, business, or projects is essential. Not only does it bring people into inquiry with what you do but it also enhances the container and authenticity of how you do it. A logo can represent the key building blocks, foundation, or values for which your endeavors base upon. This is not always the case in the modern world but it can be. Through my study of sacred design and symbolism I can create logos that hold the imprint of the vital nature you wish to convey.


The expression of my work is defined by mandalas, symbolic interpretations of nature and animals, and clean simple geometry. My design - from logos to jewelry embrace the wabi sabi of the perfect and imperfect world in union. My channel of creativity flows naturally as I transform deep seeded meaning and intention into physical form and design.


Along with Design consulting I offer what I call creative consulting. I help create content, organize projects, thoughts, and ideas into a accessible step by step process and strategy so you can feel successful and clear in your mission. I have worked with coaches, yoga teachers, authors, and entrepreneurs, helping them bring their work into the world.